• Why is Labour still using the self-defeating, discredited ‘maxed out credit card’ analogy? | Yanis Varoufakis | The Guardian

    In 1942, John Maynard Keynes proclaimed: “Let us not submit to the vile doctrine of the 19th century that every enterprise must justify itself in pounds, shillings and pence of cash income … Assuredly we can afford this and so much more. Anything we can actually do, we can afford.”

  • Get a free e-book!

    A reviewer of Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector wrote: “Gary Bandy has the ability of making complicated topics simple.” If you work in the public sector you can see some of my writing for yourself by downloading a free copy of the e-book I wrote about public procurement a … read more

  • Kwibuka29

    Today I went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. I thought it was important to find the time to go. I think the news coverage of the genocide in April 1994 was the first time I was aware of Rwanda as a country. A million people died in 100 days. It was shocking at the time, and today, the toughest part … read more

  • Today is Umuganda Day

    The last Saturday of each month is Umuganda Day in Rwanda. This is the day that everyone — including tourists and expatriates — is encouraged to spend a few hours doing community work. The taxi driver, Dieudonne, told me that the roads were quiet of traffic this morning as a result. There were some … read more

  • I always wanted to be a writer.

    It’s one reason I quit being a finance director at the age of 40. I worked in public finance jobs for 19 years and writing was my favourite part of the work. In my 20s I had jobs in accounting, internal and external auditing and I wrote quite a lot of reports. As I was prompted to more senior … read more

  • Taken me months to get around to this but finally www.garybandy.co.uk points to my Micro.blog site and I can delete the Squarespace one.

  • The best thing Apple announce today? The photos that will be able to recognise your pets’ faces.

  • Schadenfreude is a very underrated form of therapy.

  • Tonight’s live version of Sometimes by James plus choir and orchestra was magnificent. I hope the new album version is even half as good.

  • Amazing what you can do with an iPhone and some AI software (Luminar Neo in this case). Photo taken at Aysgarth Falls, Yorkshire, England.