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The only 10 fonts you need

Steve Jobs was interested in graphic design and calligraphy and he took that interest into the early versions of the Macintosh operating system. As a result we have computers with hundreds of pre-loaded fonts and we can all be (untrained) graphic designers. If he had not had that interest maybe all our computers would still be like typewriters with one typeface.

Just because the fonts are there does not mean we should use them. Even so, we don’t want every document we produce to use Calibri just because it is the default in Microsoft Word. (If you do use Calibri, by the way, remember my advice about having a 65-character line length and this means you need to increase the font size and/or widen the margins.)

To save you time, here are 9 fonts I recommend you need:

The tenth font for this list will be whatever font is your organisation’s standard, such as Calibri, Times, Arial, Verdana.

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