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Most accountants suck at presentations

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Here are 5 tips to make your next presentation better.

  1. Write a script: Work out what you want to say BEFORE creating any slides. However tempting it may be, do not open PowerPoint and outline a talk using bullet points.
  2. Tell a story: Humans like stories and remember them. All stories are about change so show the audience a change.
  3. Keep it simple: Avoid financial jargon and acronyms that your audience may not understand. Stick to simple language and explain any technical terms you use.
  4. Use images: Photographs, charts, graphs, and tables help your audience understand and remember your message without boring them by a wall of bullet points.
  5. Rehearse: Show your audience the respect of preparing for your presentation and practise beforehand. Rehearsing helps you get your timing right and also helps to settle your nerves.

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