I asked ChatGPT for 25 ideas for posts about writing and presentation skills for accountants. This is what I got:

  1. The importance of clear and concise writing in accounting reports
  2. Tips for improving your writing skills as an accountant
  3. How to write effective emails in the accounting industry
  4. Best practices for writing financial statements that are easy to understand
  5. Common writing mistakes to avoid in accounting reports
  6. How to use data visualisation in accounting presentations
  7. Strategies for presenting financial data to non-accountants
  8. How to create engaging and effective PowerPoint presentations as an accountant
  9. The art of storytelling in accounting presentations
  10. Tips for delivering successful presentations in the accounting industry
  11. How to create visually appealing financial charts and graphs
  12. Best practices for using Excel in accounting presentations
  13. The importance of active listening in accounting presentations
  14. How to tailor your presentations to different audiences
  15. The benefits of using storytelling techniques in accounting presentations
  16. The do’s and don’ts of presenting financial data to clients
  17. How to effectively communicate financial information to stakeholders
  18. The importance of understanding your audience when presenting financial data
  19. Strategies for presenting complex financial information in a clear and concise manner
  20. The role of body language in accounting presentations
  21. How to use humour in accounting presentations without compromising professionalism
  22. The benefits of using case studies in accounting presentations
  23. How to incorporate client feedback into your accounting presentations
  24. The importance of rehearsing your accounting presentations
  25. Strategies for managing nerves when presenting in front of clients or colleagues.

I used ChatGPT to create the first draft of number 16. It was so-so. It certainly needed me to edit it. In fact I split the dos and don’ts into two separate posts. The latter was yesterday’s post. I don’t think anyone noticed it was different from my other posts.

Coming up with ideas for posts is harder than writing them (just as deciding what to cook for dinner is often the hardest part) and ChatGPT is certainly fast at generating ideas. Even if I use only a handful of them.