1. Use keyboard shortcuts

There are shortcuts for most of the popular actions such as copy (Cmd/Ctrl + C), paste (Cmd/Ctrl + V), save (Cmd/Ctrl + S), and open (Cmd/Ctrl + O). In Word the shift key combined with arrow keys highlights text faster than you can drag a mouse.

Don’t try to learn every shortcut in one go. Learn one or two and when they become second nature learn another couple.

2. Use text expansion

There are some phrases, sentences and paragraphs you use over and again. Whenever you notice you are writing something you have written before you can automate it with a trigger phrase. For example, when I type ‘socf’ it is replaced by ‘statement of cash flows’.

There are many text expansion apps available and which suits you depends in part on the devices you have and how much you are willing to pay to save time.

3. Use your voice

You speak faster than you can type. Next time you have a document or long email to write that is a few paragraphs long try dictating the first draft on your phone or into your laptop. You’ll save a stack of time and the more you use dictation the better the software gets at transcribing what you say.

Let me know your productivity tips and perhaps I could include them in a future post.