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  • Get a free e-book!

    A reviewer of Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector wrote: “Gary Bandy has the ability of making complicated topics simple.” If you work in the public sector you can see some of my writing for yourself by downloading a free copy of the e-book I wrote about public procurement a … read more

  • Kwibuka29

    Today I went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. I thought it was important to find the time to go. I think the news coverage of the genocide in April 1994 was the first time I was aware of Rwanda as a country. A million people died in 100 days. It was shocking at the time, and today, the toughest part … read more

  • Today is Umuganda Day

    The last Saturday of each month is Umuganda Day in Rwanda. This is the day that everyone — including tourists and expatriates — is encouraged to spend a few hours doing community work. The taxi driver, Dieudonne, told me that the roads were quiet of traffic this morning as a result. There were some … read more

  • I always wanted to be a writer.

    It’s one reason I quit being a finance director at the age of 40. I worked in public finance jobs for 19 years and writing was my favourite part of the work. In my 20s I had jobs in accounting, internal and external auditing and I wrote quite a lot of reports. As I was prompted to more senior … read more

  • Check your invisibles

    After you’ve written a document in Word do you find the text does not look right? Are there unexpected line breaks or extra-wide spaces between some words? The way to fix this is to show the invisible characters in your document. You do this by clicking the button that has a backwards P on it (the … read more

  • Triple your productivity. Write with your voice!

    There are authors who write their books by hand. With a pen or pencil. Until the industrial age this was the only way Writing by hand can help with creativity and maybe there are times when you would benefit from this. Many, many years ago I wrote a novel. The first draft was written by hand. Typing … read more