ChatGPT is a tool, not a finished product.

A hammer and chisel are tools. In the right hands they can be used to create wonderful works of art. In most hands they create rubble.

A person has to learn how to use a tool and practise over and over until they become an expert. This is as true about accounting tools like Excel as it is for the hammer and chisel.

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence services that are popping up all of the internet and inside software applications are tools. You need to learn to use them. They can help you with all kinds of things in your life, not just at work.

I think this is true in my particular niche, the improvement of accountants’ writing and presentation skills. In this article by Jessica Vang suggests a number of ways that you could use ChatGPT to help your writing. It could generate ideas for you, or suggest synonyms or metaphors that would make your prose more interesting. It could also revise/edit something you have written.

Jessica’s main point, though, is:

Natural language processing helps machines process and understand human language. It has come quite far but it isn’t yet in the place where it can replace human writing. It tends to lack the kind of creative spark that engages readers.

By all means, use artificial intelligence to improve your writing; but don’t use it as a substitute for your writing.

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