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Here’s a quick way to makeover your slidedecks

Last week I wrote a post recommending you use images instead of bullet points in your presentations. That’s the best thing to do but it can take quite a while to find images and make the changes. A quicker fix that will avoid slides with lots of bullet points is to spread them out. What you need to do first is put each text item onto its own slide. This allows it to be in a larger font.

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Are you using a 3 act structure in your presentations?

You’ve probably read lots of guidance that you should use storytelling in your presentations but do you know how to apply that? How can you use stories when you are presenting budgets or financial results?

Well, you could use the 3-act structure. You structure your presentation into 3 parts:

The set-up ➡️ The confrontation ➡️ The resolution

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Free resources for your presentations

Your presentation will be more memorable is you use more images and less text in your slides. But whether the images are photographs or charts or diagrams, they need to be high quality. Don’t use clip art, or low resolution stock photos with watermarks on them. I guess most of the time you have zero budget to acquire media to use in your presentations, so here is my list of resources that are FREE.

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Don’t use pie charts

Let me explain why you should avoid pie charts — and donut charts — in most documents and presentations. Pie charts are easy to create and they’re colourful and you might want to include lots of them in the reports and slidedecks you write. But there are lots of problems with them: they are difficult to interpret when there are lots of slices in the pie especially if some of the slices are very thin adding data labels makes them more cluttered and using a table for the data would be clearer putting pie charts side by side does not show trends.

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Practice makes better

I’ve read lots of posts where people explain how they are most productive before they eat breakfast, or late at night, or after they’ve been to the gym. I’m none of those things. I’ve never had a good answer to the question “What time of day are you most productive.” I write about finance almost every day. Sometimes I am writing a big project, such as the manuscript for Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector.

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