2023-11-30 The right way to write links

2023-11-22 Follow me on LinkedIn

2023-11-21 How to clear your inbox every day.

2023-11-21 Follow me on LinkedIn

2023-11-20 Will anyone ever want to read what you write at work?

2023-11-08 Do you ever think about what money is?

2023-10-31 Q: How can you make your writing 50% better?

2023-10-30 Let's get rid of executive summaries.

2023-10-24 Accountants write too much.

2023-10-19 Get a free e-book!

2023-10-12 Accountants need to be communicators not reporters

2023-10-11 Financial reports have not changed in 30 years

2023-10-09 Here’s a quick way to makeover your slidedecks

2023-09-25 Are you using a 3 act structure in your presentations?

2023-09-19 Tell your reader what they are looking at

2023-09-14 Free resources for your presentations

2023-09-13 Fix the line length

2023-09-12 How to make your documents look right every time

2023-09-11 Use ChatGPT for inspiration rather than creation

2023-09-08 3 tips to write faster

2023-09-05 Don’t use pie charts

2023-09-04 Practice makes better

2023-08-31 Three mistakes to avoid when presenting financial data.

2023-08-30 Write headlines for your tables

2023-08-29 Accountants can learn from writers…

2023-08-03 My philosophy in 12 words

2023-08-01 5 reasons to improve your presentation skills

2023-07-31 Avoid yes-but-no sentences.

2023-07-28 Pro tip: simplify your charts

2023-07-27 Make your first 120 words count

2023-07-26 Pro tip: write your finance reports like an Axios writer

2023-07-25 The seven virtues of making a finance presentation.

2023-07-24 The 7 deadly sins of finance presentations

2023-07-21 Microsoft’s new default font has arrived.

2023-07-20 ChatGPT is a tool, not a finished product.

2023-07-17 3 ways to grab the reader of your finance reports.

2023-07-13 You don’t have to use long words to be professional.

2023-07-11 Do you want a signed copy of my book?

2023-07-11 A hard truth for accountants: you need to be good with words as well as numbers.

2023-07-07 Always plan for the unexpected

2023-07-06 How to make your audience remember your finance presentation

2023-07-05 Pro tip: Don’t start a finance presentation with a joke

2023-07-03 Use George Orwell’s six rules to improve your financial writing

2023-06-25 Kwibuka29

2023-06-24 Today is Umuganda Day

2023-06-22 Five tips to your best finance presentation

2023-06-20 This is how I clear my inbox every day

2023-06-19 This is how I declutter tables in documents

2023-06-16 Underrated trick for effective presentations: create storyboards

2023-06-15 I always wanted to be a writer.

2023-06-13 The number one presentation killer is having too much text on your slides and reading it aloud to the audience.

2023-06-13 My publishers have given me a discount code to get 30% off the 3rd edition of Financial Management …

2023-06-12 Accountants need to be good writers, too

2023-06-12 Here are 10 verbs to avoid in your writing.

2023-06-09 The ugly truth about asking for feedback …

2023-06-07 Taken me months to get around to this but finally points to my site …

2023-06-06 You’re not as good at presentations as you think you are

2023-06-05 The best thing Apple announce today? The photos that will be able to recognise your pets’ faces.

2023-06-05 Pro tip: Save time writing summaries

2023-06-02 Does it feel like you spend more time in meetings than doing actual work?

2023-05-22 Learn this simple trick to save time writing emails. EOM.

2023-05-19 Schadenfreude is a very underrated form of therapy.

2023-05-19 The ugly truth is you’re probably talking too much in your presentations.

2023-05-17 AI: evolution is making us treat it like a human, and we need to kick the habit

2023-05-17 You can learn about storytelling from movies

2023-05-16 Bad writing wastes your client’s time

2023-05-15 AI is not going to replace accountants

2023-05-12 Try this if you struggle to focus when you’re writing

2023-05-11 Here’s an easy way to upgrade your presentations without paying for a training course.

2023-05-10 Accountants overcomplicate everything

2023-05-09 3 ways to make your writing clear and concise

2023-05-08 A tip for public sector finance professionals looking to learn something for the future

2023-05-05 To get better at writing finance reports you need to read more

2023-05-04 Tonight’s live version of Sometimes by James plus choir and orchestra was magnificent. I hope the …

2023-05-04 What are the best books about how governments collect and spend your taxes? This is my list of 5 …

2023-05-03 Here are the best 3 tips to improve your emails

2023-05-01 Amazing what you can do with an iPhone and some AI software (Luminar Neo in this case). Photo taken …

2023-04-27 Tomorrow is my 58th birthday and I am going to take the day off. The day after tomorrow is the 18th …

2023-04-26 Most accountants suck at presentations

2023-04-25 Pro tip: Only 1 space after a full stop

2023-04-24 Check your invisibles

2023-04-21 Triple your productivity. Write with your voice!

2023-04-20 Take 5 minutes to improve everything you write

2023-04-19 Writing tip: Short not shallow.

2023-04-18 Are you ready to take the stage?

2023-04-17 TIP: Don’t use pie charts

2023-04-14 Writing tip: use a style guide

2023-04-13 Pro tip: Use your body when presenting

2023-04-12 3 ways to write faster and make fewer mistakes

2023-04-12 Finally got around to creating a Gumroad shop for the various digital products I create.

2023-04-11 How to remove the clutter from your charts

2023-04-06 An instant tip to make your writing more readable

2023-04-05 Why the tax year ends on 5 April

2023-04-04 Don’t use $10 words

2023-04-04 Thanks to everyone who entered the draw to win a signed copy of Financial Management and Accounting …

2023-04-03 STOP! Never send out your first draft.

2023-03-30 Using AI to generate ideas for LinkedIn posts

2023-03-29 Three mistakes to avoid when presenting financial data

2023-03-28 Don’t give titles to your tables. Give them headlines.

2023-03-27 A quick tip to improve your vocabulary

2023-03-26 May I have a word about… ‘straitjacket’ used as a verb

2023-03-22 Four ways to improve writing

2023-03-21 I’ve been creating a page. Check out

2023-03-21 London is a great city to walk in when the sun is shining. #nofilter

2023-03-17 Something accountants can learn from writers…

2023-03-16 5 reasons to improve your writing

2023-03-15 The accountant who gets the promotion, isn’t the one with the insight but the one who can …

2023-03-14 Today is publication day for the new edition of Financial Management and Accounting in the Public …

2023-03-10 Three simple tips to help find errors in your documents

2023-03-08 Four alternatives to boring audit reports

2023-03-08 Over the last 2 months I have been writing a diary on the PFM Board managed by Mauro Napodano. My …

2023-03-03 Stop writing finance reports like crime novels

2023-03-02 The best email is a short email

2023-03-01 I wrote a list of the five best books about how governments collect and spend taxes. Check it out. …

2023-02-27 My free copies of the 3rd edition of Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector came …

2023-02-27 Three tips to help accountants to write faster

2023-02-24 The new edition of my book, Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector, is not due for …

2023-02-22 4 tips for smart writing

2023-02-21 You don’t have to be very good to be better than your peers

2023-02-20 Finance reports should not be mysteries

2023-02-17 How to format a chart for your reader

2023-02-17 Get a free e-book about public sector procurement

2023-02-15 3 ways to start a report with impact

2023-02-14 Six things you can learn from George Orwell

2023-02-13 If you order the new edition of Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector direct from …

2023-02-10 Use high quality images in your presentations

2023-02-09 You can be a professional accountant and use simple

2023-02-08 To write clearly you need to think clearly

2023-02-07 A hammer and chisel, in the right hands, can be used to create wonderful works of art. In most hands …

2023-02-06 The 3rd edition of my book, Financial Management and Accounting in the Public Sector, is published …

2023-02-06 Sometimes it’s best to write nothing at all

2023-02-02 Teaching smart people how to learn

2023-02-01 Good to know thata machine assesses the words I’ve written this morning for my diary over on …

2023-02-01 Warm up before you write

2023-01-31 Focus on what you can do, not what you can't

2023-01-30 Tip to improve your writing: let Hemingway help you

2023-01-27 Leaders need to be good writers

2023-01-26 It seems ChatGPT is good enough to get a law degree (ChatGPT Goes to Law School). As someone who has …

2023-01-26 Writing tip: write like an Axios reporter

2023-01-24 The second instalment of my diary about writing my book, Financial Management and Accounting in the …

2023-01-23 My professional diary at the PFM Board

2023-01-20 BTW, WTF is a TLA?

2023-01-19 'Be short, be simple, be human.'

2023-01-18 Use a style guide.

2023-01-17 10 verbs to avoid in business writing.

2023-01-12 More images, fewer words

2023-01-12 The typesetter has sent the finished files for the 3rd edition of my #book to the printers. This is …

2023-01-10 Some of my (typographical) pet hates.

2023-01-06 My top tip for 2023: ask for advice instead of feedback.

2023-01-05 The only 10 fonts you need

2023-01-04 You don’t design a presentation, you write it.

2023-01-04 3 ways to make your writing clearer (in 3 minutes)

2022-08-04 All hot bike rides should end with a beer in the garden

2022-08-04 Todays office

2022-08-01 View on the climb up to the hotel

2022-08-01 Post bike ride beer #beerstagram

2022-08-01 A room with a view

2022-02-24 Dylan likes to know what’s going on #goldenretriever

2021-12-19 Lovely morning to walk the dog.

2021-12-18 richardhawley in #Buxton tonight

2021-12-03 Relaxing after a hard week

2021-11-21 #billybragg in Sheffield City Hall

2021-09-29 Went past our house today

2021-09-05 Stage 1 of Tour of Britain #WorldChamp

2021-08-29 Lord Marples bitter

2021-06-23 Lovely pint of Five Kingdoms bitter this lunchtime at @steam #beerstagram

2021-06-05 This is how Dylan tells us he’s hungry

2021-04-03 Sunny afternoon

2021-01-27 The water’s lovely …

2021-01-19 Enjoyed reading this. It’s the internal monologue of a cyclist throughout a race (in 1977).

2020-12-17 Time to buy more wrapping paper

2020-09-28 Dylan having a tea break

2020-08-17 Dylan was very excited to go to the #beach #shotoniphone

2020-08-13 Dylan is happy there are still several troughs around the village.



2020-05-15 The dog after a day at @prettypawspetcare

2020-04-29 It is 15 years ago today that I last had a job as an employee.

2020-02-26 In Dubai for work this week but found time to make the small crowd here a little bit bigger.


2019-10-26 I would very much like a coat, please. #puppy

2019-10-14 A Kazak #beerstagram

2019-10-14 My workplace this week #pfm #training

2019-09-14 At Tour of Britain finish line

2019-09-07 Me and the puppy lounging on a Saturday night

2019-09-02 Working today with a puppy asleep on my foot.

2019-08-30 Rummaged through some record racks today for first time in 20 years

2019-08-29 Having short break in Pembrokeshire

2019-08-23 The cat doesn’t want me to write today

2019-08-02 Yusuf parfait. A fine end to dinner @hiccelondon

2019-07-27 ianguy1 This one!

2019-07-26 After at least 15 years without I have a new record player. First record played was by …

2019-07-23 Gomez

2019-07-20 At the @ibbagirlsschool AGM today. A chance for supporters to find out what we have done with their …

2019-07-20 I’m cycling 100 miles in the Ride London-Surrey on 4 August. I hope to raise £1,000 for …

2019-07-08 Tour de France #beerstagram #tdf

2019-07-07 Post bike ride #beerstagram

2019-05-24 And next it’s #Courteeners

2019-05-24 #Blossoms at Raise the Roof benefit show in #Manchester


2019-04-06 What you need after an hour of queuing in a hot airport terminal #beerstagram

2019-04-02 Enjoying lunch at @mestilhotel

2019-04-01 Label says it’s brewed in Uganda at the source of the Nile (which I thought was in Rwanda). …

2019-04-01 Continuing my international #beerstagram with #NileSpecial


2019-03-04 Latest of my #beerstagram posts. Plenty of tasty IPAs in BC like this one: Blue Buck Ale.

2019-03-03 Came to #ucluelet to watch storms but so far it’s been perfect spring weather

2019-02-09 Georgian Dublin

2019-02-03 The spot where two spokes on my bike snapped. #walkhome

2019-02-01 Fresh dusting of snow overnight


2019-01-28 Some recycling to go to the Apple Store

2019-01-26 Tate Britain still has its Christmas lights on

2019-01-24 I got the author copies of my new book, International Public Financial Management: Essentials of …

2019-01-23 I took an icy walk this afternoon

2019-01-23 I’ve been working on creating this online course for the last few weeks. Will publish on …

2019-01-13 ianguy1 I’ve been de-cluttering and found this along with the setlist for the show

2019-01-04 Cutting down on plastics this year

2018-11-28 I’m teaching public sector financial management today and rest of this week #pfm #mpa

2018-11-24 A day out in the city where I was a student (long ago)

2018-11-21 Summer’s over and the cat needs to keep warm

2018-11-05 This morning’s view

2018-11-02 Here’s the sunset

2018-11-02 Hoi An’s local brew, beside the river at sunset

2018-11-01 Another beer

2018-11-01 Taking a break in Hanoi #rickshawtravel #lonelyplanet

2018-10-30 Another local beer

2018-10-30 I like to try the local beer

2018-10-20 #billybragg In good form at Manchester Folk Festival tonight

2018-10-19 I like cool, clear autumn days




2018-09-29 Sunny Saturday morning elevenses

2018-09-28 My new book will be out in January 2019. #CIPFA #Routledge #PFM #accounting

2018-09-25 Day spent on some research at Gwent Police.

2018-09-21 This is what I’ve been working on today

2018-09-19 Off to the meeting of the trustees of Friends of Ibba Girls School today

2018-09-05 Another pic from last week’s balloon flight









2018-08-12 Out walking the nearby lanes yesterday we picked some blackberries and now we have jam.

2018-08-05 First tomato of the season

2018-08-01 I’d like to know the story behind this

2018-07-27 Took this pic at top of the Aubisque in 2014 #TdF

2018-07-03 Talking to #cipfa north east today about report writing and presentations

2018-06-28 The cat is feeling the heat

2018-06-27 Perfect day for a lunch ride


2018-06-17 Very red sun at sunset tonight #nofilter

2018-06-13 The view on our evening stroll

2018-06-12 The cat is sulking at the top of the stairs

2018-05-28 Finished the Transpennine Trail today with an 85 mile ride from Doncaster

2018-05-23 Missed connection by 5 minutes so nearly an hour to wait in the Sheffield Tap

2018-04-28 Sunny spring day in Copenhagen

2018-03-13 Belle and Sebastian like a few dancers on stage

2018-03-12 Belle and Sebastian on good form tonight

2018-03-08 Cat in a box

2018-01-13 Pint of Yorkshire bitter while I wait for my train.



2017-12-31 All quiet in the centre of the village


2017-11-25 Testing portrait mode on new phone

2017-11-25 Which reminded me of this view from a toilet in the Atacama Desert in 2015

2017-11-25 This is the view from the toilet on flight WY105 as we flew over Iran yesterday

2017-11-22 Not bad here, too


2017-11-16 It’s not bad round here

2017-11-12 Mam Tor looked good as a rode past today.

2016-10-30 I really like the old part of Barcelona

2016-10-30 The Sagrada Familia really is an amazing bit of architecture.

2016-10-06 An Alberta traffic jam

2016-10-04 Saw a few grizzly bears today @tweedsmuirparklodge

2016-10-02 Took a helicopter flight up to some glaciers yesterday #exploreBC

2016-09-30 Parking is hard to find in downtown Vancouver

2016-09-26 Spot the rainbow

2016-09-26 The Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik

2015-04-25 Markets are done better in Scandinavia

2015-03-08 Emmanuel Jal

2015-03-01 Went to the Emirates Stadium today

2015-02-20 Film night at Ibba School

2015-02-14 Ibba girls playing football @ibbaschool

2015-02-10 Ibba School from the air

2015-02-09 Ibba’s County Education Office

2015-02-08 At church in Ibba

2015-02-07 Ibba girls in their uniforms today

2015-02-06 Goalkeeper

2015-02-06 Counting out the wages

2015-02-05 With Santino, the new finance manager at Ibba School

2015-02-04 Yoane’s transport

2015-02-03 Inside a cosy Cessna flight to South Sudan

2015-02-02 A view of Lake Victoria

2015-02-02 A view of Lake Victoria

2014-12-02 I’d never been to Leadenhall Market until yesterday


2012-12-28 The London Eye

2012-10-27 Wicklow Head lighthouse

2012-09-28 LHR Terminal 5 is always busy

2012-09-16 Lake Coniston in the autumn sunshine

2012-09-09 Cat and Fiddle climb


2012-08-10 Goliath burger at Burger Bar, Montreal


2012-06-17 Cat on the roof

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